About Us

“I have spent this whole bright, beautiful day in the open air. As soon as I come near to mountains I am attracted by their minerals again... I rode on horseback to Paderno, where the so-called Bolognese heavy spar is found. Little cakes are made from it which, when calcined and then exposed to the light, will afterwards glow in the dark.” Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Sometimes the most beautiful projects begin with a dream

Our dream was to create a place which combined our love for art and attachment to nature with our passion for authentic flavours, for sharing and hospitality. Fienile Fluò was born of this dream, in a magical place – a restored old hay barn, immersed in the peace of the Bolognese hills, nestled between the gullies and the centuries-old trees. In the 17th century, among these ravines in the vicinity of Monte Paderno, a mineral was discovered with unusual phosphorescent properties which influenced the imagination of the period and attracted artists, scientists and travellers from all over Europe, becoming the inspiration for literature, fantastic theories and scientific disputes. The story behind this stone was the inspiration for our name. With a little artistic licence, phosphorescent became fluorescent – Fluò – the “fluorescent hay barn”! The reserves of this famous stone are unfortunately now exhausted, but on the heels of its fortunate and illustrious story we are now ourselves trying to attract artists inspired by the beauty of the location to this hillside oasis of calm, along with travellers keen to discover our hospitality, our cuisine and our cultural and artistic activities.


Fienile Fluò shares its space, projects, dreams and goals with the and the La Rovere Colli di Paderno farm and the Crexida cultural association.


The La Rovere Colli di Paderno farm grows fruit, vegetables and cereals, produces wine and runs a farm restaurant offering authentic food based on local organic produce.


The Crexida cultural association is engaged in the production of theatrical performances as well as managing Fienile Fluò's cultural schedule, with events and shows held in the old haybarn and wonderful outdoor spaces.