Artistic Residences

Fienile Fluò is also somewhere where artists can come to think, study, begin creative processes, develop, produce and present their work. Somewhere in the middle of nature which is nevertheless close to the city, where artists can isolate themselves in order to nourish their work before presenting it to the public. A strong point of reference for local artists which also offers hospitality to artists from around Italy and even the world. A place for creation and exchange, but also somewhere which is open to the city and surrounding area and their entire communities, where it is possible to come face to face with contemporary art and culture in an unconventional context provided by the location.

The selected artists and groups from different fields (theatre, dance, music, visual arts) generally hold artistic residences of between one and two weeks, making use of the guest quarters and theatre.

The residence project involves, as well as a trial period, the presentation of the work to the public, preferably during summer in the natural open-air spaces, with the possible addition of training sessions open to the public given by the resident artists.

Particular attention is paid to projects created and developed in close relation to the surrounding natural environment and projects inspired by environmental topics.


Artistic Residences:

Since 2007 Fienile Fluò had hosted several artistic residences from all over the world: Monica Casadei (Artemis Danza – Parma), Silvia Traversi (Traversi danza – Bologna); Giovanni Dispenza (CircoMistico – Bologna),  Fabrizio Favale (Compagnia Le Supplici – Bologna), Alessandro Berti (Casavuota – Bologna), Viviana Piccolo (Opificio Teatrale – Bologna), Elena Guerrini (Creature Creative – Grosseto), Michele di Stefano (Mk – Roma), Cristina Renzetti (Bologna), Maurizio Cardillo (Compagnia Cardillo/Le bellebandiere – Bologna/Ravenna), Nicola Bortolotti (Nicola Bortolotti – Torino/Bologna), Alessandra e Antonella Sini (Compagnia Sini – Roma), Simona Bertozzi (Nexus – Bologna), Guido Sarli (Umma Umma dance – Barcellona/Spagna), Teatrino Giullare (Bologna), Francesca Penzo (Bologna),  Sharon Vazanna (Israele), Collettivo Agostino Bontà (Bologna), Caterina Basso (Bologna), Barbara Berti (Italia-Germania), Isabel Cuesta (Colombia), Gil Kerer (Israele), Alice Bariselli (Bologna).