La Rovere

La Rovere – Colli di Paderno farm

The vines spread out in an orderly fashion along the hills which surround us produce the grapes we use to make the wine named after our farm: La Rovere – Colli di Paderno.
Our PDO Pinot Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes grow on the sunny clay hillsides which characterise the area. On a more secluded part of the property, where a cool evening breeze comes up from the valley, there are also young Müller-Thurgau and Muscat grape vines.
Here and there, along the edges, are huge centuries-old oaks which give the name to the location and today to the vineyard. Ornamental white roses grow alongside the rows.
There are also some Albana, Trebbiano, Angela and Negretto grapevines, in memory to the past. A brand-new winery with eight steel vats receives the harvested grapes and accompanies them from the large automatic press right through to their final bottling.
In the surrounding fields we also grow fruit trees and wheat which we stone grind into wholewheat flour. We also have a vegetable garden and beehives for the production of our own honey.

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